About T&H (关于我们)


T&H work throughout London and Oxfordshire also with surrounding areas as residential building contractor undertaking projects such as general construction, interior decoration, bathroom, kitchen design and house extensions. 

T&H provides professional, quality workmanship and great customer relationship. As Chinese background companies in Oxford, T&H have Property Buying Letting services since 2012 to helping more and more Chinese investors get the right home, great investment in Oxford. Take great cares and maintain of investors house when they away. 

We believe in delivering the best services to every homes. Thats why T&H has more and more projects coming each year, and all customers become good friends with T&H

T&H的服务范围也从起初的房屋维修到房屋改造扩建,屋顶扩建,卫生间,厨房设计,室内装修,花园设计等。公司有qualified 水电煤气工,一切装修都符合UK Building Regulation 要求。随着近几年中国购房投资者的涌入,T&H  2012年起开始以自己卓越的牛津房地产经验,帮助多名投资移民的中国客户在牛津购买学区房作为投资或者海外的家。T&H 房屋维修出租管理服务,也帮助不少投资者减少因为自己不在英国而担心自己的房屋有任何问题。